1 Student $100/hr

Two Hour Minimum

2+ Students $125/hr

Two Hour Minimum

Hourly Minimums

Please know that the two-hour minimum is firm; however, an exception may be made if you are a recurring student of mine, perhaps needing a “tune-up” before a competition for example, AND I plan on being at the club anyway, I am willing to offer an hour session.

Group Sizes

If you’re interested in pursuing sporting clays in the future, I strongly recommend 1 to 2 students in the lesson. It’s cost-effective for each student as the cost can be split. Also, one student can take a break while carefully watching and listening to the other shooter and take instruction. It works great! Lessons like this work best when both parties are at the same skill/experience level.

Large Groups

I’ve given instruction to as many as 13 people at a time. Some examples are church groups, corporate outings, family reunions, wedding parties, etc. Please know that meaningful one-on-one instruction is more difficult with large groups. Everyone will get to shoot. My role becomes more of a “guide” in these situations with SAFETY being the primary focus.